I would hike milennia long trough the stars,
   robe me in all styles,
   in all languages of lives,
   to come across with you once again.
   (Friedrich Hölderlin)




January 2013
“Nights are coming, days are gone”.......
Your website got a new, colorful and jolly look.
It will remember you and the experiences we had together.
We miss you and wish every day we could turn back the time!

26th February 2011
Carlos comes home again....

05th February 2011
We let Carlos go today! Now you are free without any pain.
Our heartdog will be forever deeply connected to us.
You gave us so much, but now we had to be strong!
Thanks a lot for the time we had together and have a save trip over the Rainbow Bridge my darling...

       “Nights are coming, days are gone,
       it goes around and comes around.
       Haven’t you seen the broken fragments
       where you’re going on?
       Where is the light? Where is your star?
       We miss you.
       We miss you here, you ask me where he’s been?

       Everything’s going different.

       Yes, I know it was a great time,
       no way was too far for us.
       We miss you here.
       Yes, I know it was a great time,.

       Hey, I’m so sorry but
       it is over now.”

       (Translated from the German song “Geile Zeit” by Juli)

29th January 2011
Finally the sun appeared at her best on the weekend and so Bianca and I went on a picture tour again! Dear Bianca thanks a lot from all my heart! I don’t know how I can make amends for this. A selection of the pictures is at “Photo gallery - January 2011”.

30th December 2010
We made some winter pictures with Carlos and Draga. Thank you Bianca, for your time and the wonderful pictures.
Hope we can do it again with a little bit more sun in January. You find the pictures at “
Photo gallery - December 2010”. We wish you all a Happy New Year 2011

Christmas 2010
We spend the Christmas days in Westphalia. There was also a big chaos due to snow, but that doesn’t hinder us from taking some pictures in Herten at the “blue stones” at mine Ewald.

20th December 2010
After a year full of trembling, hope and diverse checkups we got the knockdown diagnosis today from the animal cardiology LMU in Munich that Carlos suffers from DCM! We are stunned and endlessly sad! For more please take a look at “Health”!

10th December 2010
Carlos, Draga and the rest of the family wish all our friends, acquaintances and relatives a Merry Christmas with moments of reflecting and a healthy, happy and successful New Year 2011!

21st November 2010
Happy birthday Draga! Today our “Waschmaschine” celebrates her 1st birthday. We wish you a lot of untroubled happy years and are grateful that you are with us!

31st October 2010
Michaela and Rainer came to visit us from Marl this weekend and so we made a tour to the Walhalla at Donaustauf. The weather was magnificent. Many thanks to Micha and Rainer for the brilliant pictures.
You find more of it at “
Photo gallery - Walhalla”.

30th October 2010
Carlos passed his VPG 2 at BGSV e.V. Neufahrn/NB. BLV-judge was Gerd Biberger.

26th October 2010
Today Carlos celebrates his 4th birthday! Love Purzel! You are something special and we wish you a lot of happy years surrounded by your family for the future.

16th August 2010
Carlos ZTP report is online. You find it at “Work results” than click on ZTP. Furthermore you can take a look at some pictures of the ZTP at “Photo gallery - ZTP”.

14th August 2010
Carlos passed the exam for breeding (ZTP) of the LG Bavaria in Munich-Solln with Exc.1B. Judge was Hans Wiblishauser. Special thanks go to the helper Robert Kraus for his aid as well as to the SV Hinterbrühl/Solln for the amazing hospitality during the two training days and the exam.

22nd July 2010
Carlos was awarded with the title “German Champion (VDH)”.

08th July 2010
The veterinarian made the annual complete blood count for Carlos and Draga. All blood and organ values for them are in best order. Furthermore, Carlos had a thyroid gland test. Everything all right here as well!

02nd July 2010
We have a guestbook now. It would be nice, if you found the time to leave your “paw print” there!

28th June 2010
The website “Carlos vom Safir” goes online!!!

10th June 2010
Carlos was awarded with the title “Swiss Beauty Champion (SKG)”.

01st May 2010
Carlos passed his VPG 1 at BGSV e.V. Neufahrn/NB. BLV-judge was Ottmar Schwentzek.

17th January 2010
Carlos got a new companion. Draga from the Slovenian Doberman kennel Lazodobi moves into her new home to Ergoldsbach/Bavaria.
A wonderful friendship begins....

15th November 2008
Carlos passed his “Begleithundeprüfung” at BGSV e.V. Neufahrn/NB. BLV-judge was Klaus Pittelkow.

21st December 2006
Carlos moves into his new home to Landshut/Bayern. He is our first Doberman and we were infected with the virus of this breed. ;-))

26th October 2006
‘Carlos vom Safir’ sees the light of day.