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Complete blood count 07/2010 - all blood and organ values okay
Thyroid gland test 07/2010 - negative
Carlos DCM disease
In November 2009 we drove to Munich for the first time . The heart checkup was a present to his 3rd birthday and we thought that it was only a routine check. The short time ECG showed no abnormality, but something was wrong with his ultrasound. The pumping of his heart was not fast enough and that was a typical sign for an existing Doberman Cardiomyopathy.

After analysis of the 24h ECG Carlos had 296 VES and they confirmed the suspicion of an existing Doberman Cardiomyopathy. Another possibility could be a lack of taurine, but due to the reason that Carlos got BARF food that was relatively unlikely. But still we had the taurine test taken and to our surprise Carlos’ value was far below the normal value, so that really an acute lack of taurine existed. Immediately he was prescribed to feed 2 pills of taurine in the morning and in the evening and after 3 months we came back to the next checkup.

The analysis of the following 24h ECG got some good news for us. Carlos VES were reduced to 9. We were very happy, because it looked like that was really due to the lack of taurine and Carlos didn’t suffer from DCM. However, his heart was still pumping to slow and so the animal cardiologist decided we should give another medicine to him (Vasotop, 2 x a day).

After 3 months we had the next checkup. Sadly the pumping of his heart was not better and after a further ECG his VES were again increased to 216. Diagnosis: Occult Doberman Cardiomyopathy. For getting his heart pumping quicker he was prescribed a further medicine (Vetmedin, 2 pills, 2 x a day). To let the medicine sink in we had to come back after 6 months.

In the middle of December we drove to Munich again. The Vermedin took effect, because the measurement of his heart was better and his heart chambers had not been yet affected. Sadly he already had many cardiac arrhythmia in his short time ECG and after analysis of the 24h ECG the bitter reality hit us like a blow of a hammer. His VES were increased to 7.193 and he also possessed Couplets, Salven, Bigemini, Trigemini and Quadrigemini. Carlos definately suffered from an advanced DCM. Our world broke apart, all our hope and trembling that the lack of taurine was the reason for his illness was for nothing!

We created his last weeks and months as beautiful as possible before he was gone on 5th February 2011. We will always treasure the way he was, a happy and brightly boy, without pain and suffering!

Here are the findings of the analyses:

November 2009

March 2010

June 2010

December 2010

More informationen about this disease, shows the following film. Thanks to Pia Barlach, the Dobermannkennel “vom Bayrischen Löwen”, Dr. Wess, Dr. Kresken and all participants, who made this film possible:  DCM in Doberman Pinschers